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(Cont.) Strategy Analysis and Prep GJ - 11.11

(Cont.) Strategy Analysis and Prep GJ - 11.11
11.10.2019 analysis: https://www.reddit.com/Forex/comments/duoc68/uthefrozen_one_strategy_analysis_and_prep_gj/


Monday - Definitely a day ruled by the bulls. Referencing my last post, there was not a whole lot that my trade entries (chosen before market) allowed me to do. A bit past the upper side of my chosen entry zone you will see a double top, and on the M5, it makes a pretty clean M pattern. However, because it was so extended, I simply didn't want to jump in and "Guess the Top". Those with better analysis than I may have seen the turning point as the perfect short, as it lined up with a high made on Nov 7 at about 10:45 just perfectly. Personally, I think it is difficult to decipher demand from noise on the M15, but today was a learning experience, as I was surprised to see so many levels blown out of the water by London's early moves. Lessons learned.
Anyhow, not much changed here in the larger time frames. Daily chart and H4 are creating a very nice volatility tunnel. A true tease, the guppy is not giving us much here. What really bothers me? On the daily chart, it looks as though the nearest upward spike peaked on Oct. 21. Look left and what do you see? Not a whole lot. Nothing in the way of major supply to stop the impulse we saw. Much like banks build their order book in the JPY session (depending on who you study), this appears to be the same thing only on a grander scale. Is the lack of supply/selling pressure enough to see this to 147.xxx in the coming month, or would the banks rather average down to better supply/price before making that same move...


This pair is in a lot of noise, and as such, like yesterday, I am truly thrown off about whether to choose a long or short bias. Rather, I will simply determine two points at which I feel I have both allowed myself to allow the market to make its move as well as allowed for the over extension necessary for good R:R.
To the short side, I like an entry of around 140.58. The red "1", "2", and "3" represent any unfilled orders in the near term. the 3rd level is the most opportune in my humble opinion. Beyond that, there is significant room to run, so I will be looking for good signs of reversal before making my entry.
To the long side, I am more cloudy. At the very least, the US/AUD low provides some simply stop hunt opportunities, but this is not as far out as I'd prefer. the M15 Proximal demand zone shows a fairly text book rally-base-rally. However, being on the M15, I am not putting much behind it other than a zone to watch should the long stop hunt move get blown by. The 3rd level of demand listed with the Blue "3", provides a location with unfilled stops that stand the most to lose given the last trading day.

All that said, I will wait and see which direction the market surges in London open (if at all), and then prep myself for the fade. Having looked through u/thefrozen_one trades, I am going to be looking for the following to assist my entry:
  • Sharp rejection at my chosen entries - I am still learning how to place these, so I will also be looking left for structure to provide confluence to my analysis in the moment.
  • M/W patterns on the M15 or M5
  • Tweezers/long wicks - again, looking for confluence here and not blindly trading wicks.
I appreciate those who entertain my rambling. At this stage, I am not anywhere near predicting the next move. However, this has been my first opportunity to consistently keep myself honest in analyzing and tracking a forex pair, free of indicator madness. I am excited to see my rather dry and ambiguous observances mature into confident bias with which I attack daily trades.
Green pips to all!
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